the half-assed html coding on this page fills you with determination,

welcome to the dingiest corner of the web, fuckhead!


calm ur tits guy, lets recap

how you feelin after seein all this? cooler? probably. this place is rad asf.

anywho, this little dumpsterfire of a site b4 you is just a barebones project o' mine that i got a lil to distracted while workin here we are/ i mean in the future(next week)(or maybe rn? i got nothin to do today)(except my homework)(damn it why would you make me remember now i have no plausible deniability)(shit) i wanna do somethin with it, like distribute drugs or somethin,but until i have the balls to put anything i write out onto internet is a proper manner, this place is just gonna be a cool lil crash zone for me

........uh ur still here?? none of that was a red flag?? honestly thats rlly telling. revaluate ur standards, man.

anywayyys, thats all ur getting for rn(ignore the passage after this)(thats future me)(that dudes a freak) rn ima take a nap except no im not because SOMEONE reminded me to do my homework,


okay okay, i guess since youve read this far i owe u an intro-SIKE. I DONT OWE YOU SHIT! THIS IS ALLLLLL UR CHOICE! SO LAY UR ASS IN THAT BED!

OKAY BASIC THINGS, LET GO, uhh........ im a gemini, my classpect is thief of time, my undertale soul is purple, im a slytherin, a cabin 5 kid, my element of harmony is loyalty, and im a raging homosexual. hey, remember what i said about revaluating your standards? nows the time to do so cause if none of that was a red flag your in for a bad time,

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